William Vandivert photographed for LIFE –where, at 6′ 5″, he held the distinction of being the tallest photographer on staff.


William Vandivert (1912-1989) was another photographer as active within LIFE magazine as he was within the pages of FORTUNE. He had studied as a chemist and then at the Art Institute of Chicago. He began taking photographs and in 1938 he moved to work in England.

During the Second World War he was active with his camera, photographing the destruction of Berlin and the scene inside Hitler’s Bunker.

After the War with his wife Rita and Robert Capa he became a founder member of Magnum although stayed only a year after its inception.

One of the first photographers into Hitler’s bunker in Berlin in 1945 and subsequently one of the original founders of Magnum with Capa, Cartier Bresson, etc.